You Asked, We Answered


Why do I need Treatment?

Addiction can take various forms and it is important to choose a comprehensive treatment facility that can meet the needs of the individual. A 6 month addiction rehab program is best for those who may have relatively severe or long-standing addictions. A 6 month residential treatment facility may also be appropriate if there are other underlying medical or mental health issues or chaotic home life.

Does Better Choices for Life offer Sober Living Homes?

Yes. We Offer 3 homes that are co-ed, which are located in Phoenix and Laveen.

What types of insurance do you accept?

AHCCS Health Native American

What am I suppose to do here?

First, make a decision that today you will not drink alcohol or use drugs. Once you make that decision then you are free to follow our daily activities. This schedule will take you step-by-step and day-by-day to a healthier way of living. You agree to follow the schedule and rules at Better Choices for Life in exchange for treatment.